Cat's Pyjamas provides affordable covers, social media promotions, banners, and logos to authors. A one stop shop for everything to launch your first or 100th book. 

Angela Stevens is both an author and designer who knows exactly what it is like to nurture your fledgling book and release it to the world. She can help you put together your vision for your cover, or provide you with inspiration when you don't know where to start. She can also help when the time comes to give your older series or books a facelift, ready for a relaunch.

Angela provides one-off designs that reflect current genre trends using the art of photo-manipulation. She uses fully licensed stocked images from Deposit photos and licensed quality renders direct from independent artists.

Authors Angela Stevens has worked with...

Sarah Gai        Matt Mememaro        Lisa M.White        Tamara Fergusson        Stephanie Giancola

Mimi Barbour        Stacy Eaton        J.N. Moon        Mark Johnson        Sadie Collins

Aviva Gat        Frances Hoelsema        Tara Grace Ericson        Heather Horrocks        Cassie Greutman

Cary Allen Stone        Angie Neto        Suzzanne Jenkins        Roz White        Pamela Daniell

Michelle Morrell        Tara Grace Ericson        Laura Rose Middleton        Jennifer A Brady

Tony Delamarco        Jollie Tunnell      Jim Latham     A.S. McGowan    Carol Cooper.   Patty Latham DVM   Suzanne Jenkins    L.K Urban