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Cat's Pyjamas creates custom work for your projects.

Custom Cover Art - paperback, ebook, audio book, Kindle Vella

Promotional Materials

Social Media  Banners


Children's Book Art

Website banners and Art work

also, I offer Designer for Hire Services - email for a quote

Ordering Custom Covers

Cat's Pyjamas creates beautiful custom designs through the art of photo-manipulation.

All designs use fully licensed stock photos from Depositphotos and/or licensed renders from a variety of indie 3D render artists.


2-3 mock-ups are provided free of charge with a price quote for each.


Cat's Pyjamas does not enter into 'competitions' to win your business- while we appreciate not every client will wish to proceed with designs presented we kindly ask you to inform us if you are commissioning several designers for the same piece.

If you require further mockups, a deposit is required.


Prices depend on the complexity of the design, and the number of images used


After selecting a mock-up a 50% deposit is required to secure your design.

Unsold mock-up designs may be added to Cat's Pyjamas premade selection at a later date. All designs are exclusive, although images used within the designs are bought from stock sites and as such will not be exclusive.

The remaining balance of payment is due after final proof copies are sent. and before 

paperbacks are sized and all files are delivered.

Custom packages start at $140 with a paperback add-on of $30.

This includes up to 2 blended licensed images and typography. Additional charges are added on per extra image to allow for cost of licensing and extra time needed to work them into the design.

Boxed sets for individual author series:

Boxed sets depicted as 3D sets or as a flat front design are available if you purchased your series with me


They can be can be ordered in the following styles 

Style 1: 

Reuse front cover image from book 1 with wording adjustment and simple side added, $50 any number of simple spines or flat front  

Style 2:

Depict front covers of all book covers on the set, with simple spines or flat front $70

Style 3: Completely new design to tie in with the original series + complex side to match  prices will be quoted the same as an individual ebook cover from your set (eg: if your series had 3 books and they cost $140 each then the boxed set cover would also be $140)

Multi Author boxed sets:

Style 4: Author Essentials (up to 3 images combined) Front cover design with up to 12 simple spines $120, ( 13-20 spines +$20)

Style 5: Premium (More than 3 image designs) Front cover design with up to 12 complex spines $140 (13-20 spines +$20)

Author sets package deal: Design individual covers for all books in the set and supply a boxed set cover for the set. I provide a discount price for author sets like these and depending on numbers in the set will often make the set cover for free. Contact me for a discounted individualized quote for your multi-author project,

*Simple spines are defined as solid color, textured, or simple abstract design with either book name or an author name on each spine.

*Complex spines have pictorial backgrounds, and spines contain other info such as book numbers, individual book pics/icons, logos, etc

Series Design:

Series designs can be created to give a cohesive and branded look. Covers are priced as for individual cover design, but a discount is provided

when a full series is ordered together.

Audiobook Cover Design:

Using images already used in covers designed by me, 2D front face $50

Using images already used in covers from someone else’s design, $70

Creating new image to fit theme or if no design exists, $80

What Your Design does not include:

Open PSD files

The copyright on licensed images does not permit this

Exclusive stock images:

images are licensed from and as such cannot be obtained exclusively. 

Unlimited mock-ups, alterations, tweaks.

A reasonable number will be included, then charges will occur based on $30 per hour pro-rated

Need updates to your design in the future?

Future alterations can be provided at my pro-rata hourly rate,  $30. 

Ready To Order?

Please email Angela Stevens at with a brief description of your project. She will send you a customer questionnaire and a free Zoom consultation can take place prior to the design if you require it. 

Need updates to your design in the future?

Future alterations can be provided at the pro-rata hourly rate,  $30. 


Cat's Pyjamas can provide you with promotional materials for book releases and coming soon announcements  


All styles are $15 each
Multi-pack promo teasers suitable for FB/IG/Twitter

These feature 1 background image, your book image (2D or 3D) and your slogan or call to action on each teaser.

Package includes 3 different teasers in 1 social media sizing.

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