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Steam Punk Island

What do you think of, Steam Punk Island?

I admit, I am in love with steam punk at the moment, and have wanted to create a floating island scape for some time. So why not combine the two! Steam Punk Island is born.

I've been doing a lot of personal art recently as I have been studying my craft more and developing my style. While I started out primarily with romance covers, more and more my clients are interested in fantasy and thrillers. I love doing all genres of book covers, and have to admit that fantasy covers are really fun. I can go wild... unfortunately, they often do run to a larger price tag.

Pricing is always so tricky, but my prices are primarily based on the number of images a project takes. This is for two reasons...

1. Purchasing the actual stock images- all my cover design stock uses licensed images bought from Depositphoto and even with subscriptions this can run away with a budget.

2. The time it takes to manipulate those images and seamlessly blend them in. The more you have, the more time it takes to colorize, cut out, join, size, etc.

The finished project should look like it was always one image–the illusion effortless. Clients don't often see what images go into a composite, or the hours it took to make it all cohesive.

The finished Steam Punk Island composite has 14 images manipulated together, plus 4 different painted layers, at least 4 different texture layers, not to mention all the lighting, color grading... and well the list goes on. The point is you can't see that, and frankly my job isn't done if you can. So, for those curious, here is a quick time-lapse of the layers coming together to make Steam Punk Island, and you are just going to have to trust me that this took around 8 hours to complete not the 12 seconds the video shows.

If you need custom worlds built for your projects, feel free to message me, I am available for most genres with the main exception being Lit-RPG, and will always try to accommodate your budget. just understand the more 'custom' your images, the more expensive the image gets.


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